Individual system solutions

Have you not found a system suitable for your process? Then why not commission Rehm to design and build one that is optimised for your requirements. We develop individual thermal solutions that are matched exactly to your production needs. These include:

  • Pallet flow furnaces
  • Vacuum dryers
  • Heating function test systems
  • High-temperature soldering systems
  • Drying systems
  • Solar drying systems
  • Curing systems

Our special RSS systems offer you a system concept that allows technically flexible and economically attractive solutions for various areas of application to be realised quickly. We will be happy to advise you on the thermal systems that we can custom-develop for your field of industry.

Productronica Innovation Award 2015

Innovative production designs with the reel-to-reel process

Whether it’s used in energy-efficient LED lighting technology or wearable electronics – reel-to-reel (R2R) technology is making progress, animating the electronics industry and calling for innovative solutions.

Rehm is offering a new dryer system for the optimum processing of ribbon-like, flexible substrates (such as polyimide film). The starting material is situated on a coil (roll of film), unrolled, processed on a complete production line and rolled back up again as a finished product.

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