Drying and hardening processes

Depending on the chemicals used in their materials, electronic products have different requirements as regards a reliable drying process during manufacture. The drying systems of our RDS series can be configured individually to our clients’ requirements. The flexibility of these units offers sufficient scope to cover the most diverse of applications. Not only do our systems operate reliably and efficiently, they also offer individual solutions for specific fields of industry - from sensitive applications in semiconductors through to a complete conformal coating line with built-in dispenser for the precise application and drying of coating lacquers. Our mature technology covers hardening and drying processes using all common adhesives and lacquers, electropastes, casting compounds, casting resins and underfill materials.

Unique technology benefits

  • Combined heating methods for flexible profiles
  • Reliable, stable hardening and drying
  • Superb energy efficiency
  • IR or UV radiation and/or convection
  • Ease of profiling
  • Traceability of processes
  • Also available as a production line concept consisting of a Protecto dispenser and RDS lacquer dryer