Reflow soldering by condensation

In condensation reflow soldering, or vapour-phase soldering, soldering is accomplished with the aid of a hot vapour. Heat transfer in condensation soldering is up to ten times higher than with convection soldering. This is particularly suitable for handling large or high-mass boards in a stable process atmosphere. The inert heat transfer medium used is perfluorpolyether (Galden®)

Our CondensoX series can solder even the most difficult assemblies quickly and dependably, at temperatures up to 240 °C. In order to improve control of the condensation phase, Rehm has developed a patented injection process that allows the soldering procedure to be individually regulated. An optional vacuum module ensures void-free soldered joints – directly after the soldering process or as a pre-vacuum. Our systems let you adjust all parameters, such as pressure or temperature, flexibly – for the best soldering results that exactly match the requirements of your manufacturing.

Unique technology benefits

  • Reproducible control of the reflow profile with patented injection principle
  • Hermetically sealed process chamber
  • Controllable vacuum process
  • Horizontal transport for safe conveying of module through the machine
  • No spreading of Galden® and active Galden® filtering
  • Active process monitoring with wireless WPS system and the latest software tools