Top performance with or without vacuum

In condensation reflow soldering, or vapor-phase soldering, soldering is accomplished using a hot vapor. Heat transfer in condensation soldering is up to ten times higher than in convection soldering. This makes it particularly suitable for processing large or high-mass boards in a stable process atmosphere. The inert heat transfer medium used is perfluoropolyether (Galden®).

Our Condenso series can solder even the most difficult assemblies quickly and dependably, at temperatures up to 240°C. In order to improve control of the condensation phase, Rehm has developed a patented injection process that allows the soldering procedure to be individually regulated. An optional vacuum module ensures void-free soldered joints – directly after the soldering process or as a pre-vacuum. Our systems let you adjust all parameters, such as pressure or temperature, flexibly – for the best soldering results that exactly match the requirements of your manufacturing.

Vapor phase soldering in every manufacturing environment

Do you process large and heavy boards for which condensation soldering is out of the question? Or do you want a system that you can reliably carry out vacuum processes with at any time? Then choose a Condenso series system that can be customised to your manufacturing environment!

The Condenso series system versions can be integrated into a wide range of manufacturing environments. Whether it’s a batch operation, inline connection or continuous soldering, Rehm offers the highest degree of process reliability for all areas. The application options for the Condenso series are as varied as their production. We would be happy to determine the most efficient system for your manufacturing process, taking all relevant processes such as throughput, assembly size, thermal mass and follow-up processes into account.

With the vacuum option for void-free (cavity-free) soldering with unleaded solders, the Condenso systems also meet an important requirement for manufacturing power electronics. Lower void rates can only be achieved with soldering processes where the molten solder is subjected to a vacuum. This is also the case for the Condenso series.

The highlights of the Condenso Series

  • Reproducible control of the reflow profile with patented injection principle
  • Hermetically sealed processed chamber
  • Controllable vacuum process / horizontal transport for safe conveying of module through the machine
  • Horizontaler Transport für das sichere Führen der Baugruppe durch die Anlage
  • No spreading of Galden® and active Galden® filtering
  • Active process monitoring with wireless WPS system and the latest software tools