Reflow soldering by convection

We develop and build machines for your production system that meet cour production requieries perfectly and whose results are tangible from as early as the planning stage.

Systematically applied technology and superb construction are the features of our convection reflow soldering systems. In the VisionX series the soldering process is performed on the basis of convection – that is, the transfer of heat via a flow of gases. Our systems are available in air or nitrogen versions. As an inert, protective gas, nitrogen is the ideal heat transfer medium. Multiple process zones, adjustable independently of one another, allow variable reflow profiling. Versatility in production and a high throughput rate are clear advantages for this process. With the VisionX series you can achieve reliable, reproducible soldering results, efficiently and with innovative energy management. The modular plant concept also offers a high level of flexibility for your production facility.

Unique technology benefits

  • Efficient heat transfer
  • Stable process even with lead-free soldering
  • Best heating/cooling performance on the market
  • Optimal nitrogen regulation
  • Short downtimes
  • Residue management with integrated pyrolysis
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Various software tools for process documentation
  • Superb energy balance