Selective Conformal Coating

An airbag should function reliably when it is needed; likewise the onboard computer of an aircraft or medical analysis equipment. Coating the PCB after soldering secures the functionality of the electronic modules it contains, which may be used in end products of critical safety importance, such as in the automotive, aviation or medical industries.

The use of protective lacquers improves the quality and service life of your products. Our Protecto conformal coating system protects sensitive electronic assemblies from damage by corrosion or other environmental influences such as humidity, chemicals or dust. The multifunctional lacquer applicator enables protective lacquers to be applied by spraying, dispensing or jet, depending on the application, even where the gaps between components are very small. The system is available as a production line concept with lacquer dryer that will add flexibility and efficiency to your production.

Unique technology benefits

  • Greatest possible process reliability
  • All-in-one lacquering
  • Flexible lacquering options thanks to multifunctional lacquer applicator
  • Selective coating
  • Long-lasting fault-free lacquering
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Also available as a production line concept consisting of a Protecto dispenser and RDS lacquer dryer
  • Quick, intuitive programming with dependable software tools