Technology is our passion.

Rehm stands for ideas, know-how, innovation and quality. We develop thermal system solutions for every application – from efficient series production models to precisely fitting special systems. Our processes work with temperature ranges from -40 °C to 1200 °C. For our customers, we implement custom applications relating to the soldering, coating, testing and curing of PCB assemblies. We always keep a close eye on the latest developments in the industry. See our diverse product portfolio for yourself and benefit from our many years of experience in mechanical and plant engineering.

"Total Cost of Ownership"

Searching the true costs.

We are aware that the idea of investing in a machine go further than just the one-off cost. Which daily operating costs are taken into account? As can be produced optimally conserve resources? And how often is a maintenance necessary? Against the backdrop of the current economic environment, companies need when purchasing their production equipment and of course to think about where savings are possible. The "Total Cost of Ownership" program Rehm provides answers to these challenges. It aims to help companies to reduce their operating costs over the long term and maximize profitability.

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Rehm Worldwide

Your vision is our mission!

For Rehm, idleness is an alien concept. A global player, Rehm manufactures in places that are advantageous in economic and sales terms. Currently these are its headquarters in Blaubeuren (Germany) and at Dongguan (China). Our production facilities are based on the state of the art and are secured by strict quality assurance guidelines to a German standard. We also have an international network of subsidiaries and local distributors for sales and service in a total of 24 countries. This means we are always available exactly where you need us.

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