Daniel Lehner

New destinations were always a top priority for Daniel Lehner... and not just in terms of his career

No challenge is too great for Daniel! His motto is “There is no problem so great it can’t be solved”. This is easiest when you work in a team. In Rehm applications, he ensures that customers receive good support and advice in the field of conformal coating. It is hard to believe that, at 26 years of age, he has been with the company for almost 10 years! During his professional development from trainee to applications specialist, he made the most of a wide range of opportunities by working step-by-step and with expertise, strength and endurance. He knows all about mudslinging and powering through obstacles – but only because he has recently finished the Tough Mudder obstacle course. No one puts any obstacles in his way at Rehm, because teamwork is a priority here!

From trainee to applications specialist

Daniel is a true all-rounder! Thanks to his many years of experience at Rehm, he has a perfect understanding of the products and knows exactly what is important to customers. He has always been interested in technology and, during his training as a mechatronics engineer at Rehm, learnt all about the tools of the trade for manufacturing and operating sensitive system components. His subsequent service work allowed him to gain experience working with the systems, as well as with the customers and their requirements – which can, at times, be very complex. Did he ever want to give up? Daniel has never even considered giving up! Sometimes you need a lot of staying power to find the perfect solution. But that is no problem for this athlete.

“Since joining Rehm, my area of responsibility has continued to grow.”

Daniel is now an applications specialist and is responsible for customer support and process development in the field of selective lacquering and coating equipment at Rehm. Since 2014, he has also played a key role on the trade fair team, advising national and international customers about the Rehm portfolio with a focus on the fields of conformal coating and functional testing. Knowledge sharing is also especially important to Daniel. He always wants to be moving forwards! And this means that he can always be found looking for new ideas and improvements in between customer consultations and lacquering tests.

3 questions for Daniel Lehner

How did you first come to Rehm?

Daniel Lehner: I carried out my training as a mechatronics engineer from 2008 to 2012. As a boy from rural Swabia, I was looking for a regional training opportunity at the time and found a training position with Rehm. I got a permanent job after successfully completing my training and then went on to work in service in the reflow field, first at the national level and then throughout Europe. Working at the national level led me directly to one of our major clients, Siemens. That was a real milestone for me! I’ve always really enjoyed customer contact in combination with the technological focus of my work. I was therefore even more thrilled that the management board entrusted me with managing the service support for our new coating system. I enjoy each new professional challenge, as these challenges also help me to develop personally. I am now not only responsible for providing support for our Protecto coating system, but am also able to actively contribute to process optimisation and to support customers with extensive test series. It is important to me that I can continue to develop professionally. Rehm provides me with a great deal of freedom to shape my development as well as interesting opportunities for the future.

Which professional development opportunities does Rehm offer trainees and what do you value most about your employer?

D.L.: Rehm offers different training opportunities in technological, commercial and logistical fields. Trainees generally have a good chance of getting a permanent role with the company after successfully completing their training. Further training opportunities – such as telephone coaching or language courses – are, of course, provided. In addition, the annual trainee trip is a highlight. The hierarchies are flat at the company and you are treated as an equal. I particularly value the people at Rehm: I can count on my friendly team and I work with people who support each other when issues arise. I am also on first name terms with almost all my colleagues. This makes things more personal and creates trust. I also sometimes spend time with my colleagues outside work. For example, we enjoy meeting up for the summer BBQ party, Christmas market trip, regional sports events or company running events and we take on any obstacles together. At the end of the day, you really can achieve more as a team!

What has been your highlight at Rehm so far?

D.L.: In my time at Rehm there have been many highlights so far! But I especially like to remember the IPC APEX EXPO 2016 in Las Vegas. Our Conformal Coating System Protecto was introduced to the American electronics market for the first time at this renowned trade show. Since the system is somehow "my baby", I was proud that the technology met with such great interest from the customer. Besides, I have never travelled so far before. The USA was very impressive! Maybe I will be able to spend a little more time there in private some day.

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