Strong in terms of the process, even with a low throughput

With the ProtectoXC, Rehm has brought a compact and high-performance coating system to the market which, thanks to its low investment costs, is primarily of interest to electronics manufacturers who need to process low throughputs. The system combines precise coating while concentrating on the essentials: the perfect protection for your electronics! When developing the ProtectoXC, the focus was on ensuring that the system has a modern look which helps the user to enjoy carrying out their work, whilst also providing reliable protection for high-quality circuit boards at the same time.

Diverse lacquer applicators

We have the right system equipment for each individual process. Our broad portfolio of lacquer applicators facilitates a wide range of options in terms of use. In this regard, both in-house developments and applicators from suppliers who are established in the market come into play. Various options for the respective applicator are available, such as material needles, patented two-substance nozzles and material heating. This means that you can select from a wide range of various accessories to find the system equipment which provides the best combination of cost effectiveness and process performance.

Application possibilities

Entirely new fields of application have arisen with the Protecto systems, even outside the field of conformal coating. The highly flexible system structure enables you to combine two processes and a variety of applications in one machine with the help of the ProtectoXC. Besides sealing the entire PCB, it is also possible to mould only partial areas or individual components on the carrier. Different processes have been developed here, from “Globe Top” to “Dam & Fill” to “Flip Chip Underfill”. With innovative nozzle technology, the user can apply a very wide range of materials to the assembly, meaning that each product meets the precise requirements for optimum protection at a later stage.

Integrated lacquer supply

To prevent contamination from vaporised solvents of lacquers and compounds in the immediate vicinity of the Protecto systems, the lacquer supply is integrated in the system at the front. This means there is no odour pollution from random releases of solvent vapors into the environment. The system also has an extractor system which conducts and removes solvent-containing evaporations to the in-house exhaust system during the coating process.