Protective lacquer coating – with a focus on what matters most

The upper surface of a plant’s leaves is its outermost defence, not only protecting it against pests and water loss, but also helping shake off dirt or increase resistance. This is a particularly well-known characteristic of the lotus flower – water just drips right off it. This was the biological inspiration behind innovative, self-cleaning surface coatings with what is known as the “lotus effect”.

The protective lacquer coating on electronic units acts in a similar way. It is now absolutely essential to protect sensitive components from aggressive environmental influences such as moisture, corrosion, chemicals, dust or vibration. High-selectivity conformal coating is the key to ensuring electronics work reliably and is indispensable in modern manufacturing.

Rehm has expanded its product range, introducing a compact, high-performance coating system to the market in ProtectoXC. Its low investment costs make it particularly appealing to electronics manufacturers who process low throughput. The device combines precise coating with a focus on what matters most: perfect protection for your electronics.

Unique technological advantages:

  • Reliable coating process, even for low throughput  
  • Compact unit, easily integrated with batch or line production
  • Modern software with touch operation and 3D trackball
  • Barcode connectivity and optimum process documentation
  • Low investment costs, top process performance
  • Easy to maintain with its smart cleaning system

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