VOC thermal waste air purification for a clean process

In the drying process for solar wafer metallisation pastes, smoke and vapors from the volatile components of the organic compounds (VOC) evaporate. These vapors must generally be safely removed from the process chamber of the dryer to ensure high-quality production of the solar cells. As a result of the high temperatures inside the device, the thermal oxidising agents destroy the VOCs contained in the flue gas, for example as alcohol, toluene and terpineol with a level of efficiency of up to 99.9%. The lowest concentration of pollutants in the dryer’s exhaust gas ensure compliance with the legal standards (e.g. TA Luft, Germany). The gas which is released primarily contains water and carbon dioxide elements from the oxidising process. The Rehm Thermal Systems VOC Counter Flow Reactor (CFR), the further development of the prize-winning Thermal Oxidiser, is a highly-efficient exhaust air cleaning system for a wide range of uses in which the exhaust air has high concentrations of VOCs, i.e. volatile organic compounds which are created in the process.

High level of efficiency of up to 99.9 percent

The Rehm Oxidiser systems feature a level of efficiency of up to 99.9%. These values are not merely theoretical values. As early as 2011, measurements were carried out at customers’ premises which confirm these values under real conditions. For example, the measurements taken at Suniva USA show conventional aluminium reverse side printing with high VOC content.

Retrofittable to existing line concepts with Rehm dryers

In the development of the Oxidiser systems, attention was also paid to users’ wishes for retrofitting existing Rehm systems. As a result of the compact structure, existing Rehm systems can be integrated with an Oxidiser at a later date directly on the dryer or this can be achieved as a separate unit to the side of the dryer depending on the installation situation and amount of space available at the site. The retrofitting systems are, in principle, fitted with their own control system/own control cabinet to facilitate fast, effective retrofitting and to minimise downtime in the line.

Smart software for your manufacturing

Would you like to reliably monitor, manage and document all processes? The Visu 2 includes process tools, remote control and barcode connection options. A simple ‘wafer counter’ system is possible, as is full connection to an MES system for the intelligent collection of operating and machine data. The Visu 2 has an intuitive user interface, which considerably reduces configuration and operator training costs. Extensive documentation can be retrieved in just a few clicks. The Visu 2 also offers password-protected administration with several levels, language selection, data display and maintenance logs.