Individual process technology

The technical design of Rehm systems is largely determined by part dimensions, thermal mass, materials, process specifications and throughput volume and/or cycle times. Using our excellent technological know-how and many years of experience in plant and mechanical engineering, we design thermal system solutions that match individual applications precisely.

The Rehm RSS machines have a modular design that can be variably equipped with convection or IR radiators. For example, the heating system can reduce the cooling gradient to a minimum using additional underside heating.

Reel-to-reel manufacturing

As an innovation leader, Rehm Thermal Systems is involved in several work groups and research projects. One of these projects is: "New products through reel-to-reel manufacturing of MID-based micro-systems – PRONTO R2R-MID".

Multifunctional reflow soldering systems for innovative backside reflow technologies

The backside-reflow technology was developed for complex, double-sided boards that are densely packed with SMD parts and that are not suitable for wave soldering. Selective reflow soldering and even manual soldering are therefore the only ways to solder thermally-sensitive THD.

Vacuum high-temperature soldering system

Our vacuum high-temperature soldering system with top loading is ideal for high throughput processes. The high-temperature soldering process is performed using forming gas exceeding 400°C. Clean soldering joints can also be achieved through a defined temperature-time-process with changing atmospheres.


Meander Dryer

Thanks to the meander construction, a big amount of parts can be guided through the process chamber maintaining their orientation exactly. The loading position is outside the chamber, loading manually or via robot.

Pallet pass-through oven

Pallet pass-through ovens are designed for the curing of assemblies with long process times with high product throughput.

Individual System Solutions
Further Examples

Tunnel magazine dryers

for hardening printed ceramic substrates

RDS Battery

Dryer for manufacturing battery film

Magazine dryer

for hardening sheet metal parts

Magazine dryer

for hardening conductive adhesives