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As a manufacturer of reflow soldering systems with convection or condensation and drying and coating systems, Rehm Thermal Systems has been producing energy-efficient manufacturing equipment for the electronics and photovoltaics industry since 1990. We also offer our customers tailor-made applications related to the soldering, coating and hardening of modules.

From our German headquarters in Blaubeuren, we coordinate the activities of our 26 locations in 24 countries worldwide. The company also set up an additional manufacturing facility in China in 2008. Our production facilities are state-of-the-art and are safeguarded by strict quality assurance guidelines in accordance with German standards. This enables us to serve the international markets quickly and to offer outstanding on-site service.

In addition to Rehm Thermal Systems, the Rehm Group includes the subsidiaries Rehm BlechTec, which specialises in processing stainless steel, aluminium and steel plate, and H+R Personaldienste GmbH. We are therefore a one-stop shop for all the services you need, from planning and design to the finished equipment.

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“Quality, expertise, innovation and customer service make us technological leaders in the industry today.”

Johannes Rehm, Managing Director

Quality management
as the company philosophy

We deliver the highest quality for your production facility: this is a key element of our company philosophy. The satisfaction of our clients is our measure of success and it runs through every detail of our production.

Excellent quality

Our systems are regularly certified to ISO standards, ensuring that every single part meets the requirements in terms of precision. Rehm BlechTec has been distinguished as a specialist soldering facility for many years by strict quality criteria; thanks to its excellent metal processing it provides the best possible conditions. We also plan and design all our machines with CE conformity in accordance with specified machinery directives.

Quickly and safely to the destination

The European regulations require a high level of security in terms of air cargo. All freight shipments must be strictly controlled and individually checked prior to loading. This process is associated with complex security regulations and thus with time and money. As an officially registered, well-known consignor, we ship our products reliably with authorisation from the German Federal Aviation Administration. Our systems and accessories which are ready for consignment are thus reliably secure before they even leave company premises. As a well-known consignor, Rehm had to implement clear guidelines in the company to achieve this, for example, the appointment of an air cargo security officer, extensive staff training and the establishment of a closed security zone. When it comes to customs clearance, our shipments are thus processed much more quickly and cost effectively.


1. April 1990 Founding

Move from a garage to the “company building” in Gamerschwang with 45m² production space.

1990: The first soldering system

The first system for soldering, convection-based, is developed. Just a year later Rehm appears for the first time at the SMT Hybrid Packaging trade fair in Nuremberg.

1994: Expansion of product portfolio

Rehm extends its portfolio to include the first dryer with accumulation roller conveyors, the first curing oven and the first infra-red system. The processes are converted from radiation to full convection.

1995: Half a decade

Rehm’s developers design the first vacuum-based tempering oven. Requests were now coming in for special applications that the company began to custom-build for its clients. Rehm also began to offer a forum for dialogue in the form of seminars and events in which experience could be exchanged.

1999: Crossing the pond

Rehm’s role as a technological pioneer grows more distinctive. Its smart innovations enable the company to conquer international markets and establish sales subsidiaries in the USA and Hungary.

2001: Birth of the Vision8 series

Rehm celebrates the birth of the Vision8 convection soldering system, predecessor of the VisionX series, which was quickly a great market success.

2005: Continuity as the years pass

Rehm marks 15 years since its founding and revolutionises the electronics world with the new VisionX series.

2007: Success requires vision

Our 2000th system is manufactured for our long-term partner Zollner, based in Zandt.

2008: Moving into the sun

Shortly afterwards Rehm enters the solar market, designing a new drying system for the metallisation of solar cells. Just one year later the first fast-firing system appears. Pyrolysis is also introduced to the market as the central element of residue management.

2011: The rewards of success

Rehm Thermal Systems wins the Solar Award for its VOC thermal oxidiser. Additionally, new developments in soldering systems, conformal coating as a protective coating for modules and the counter-flow reactor for solar systems arouse considerable interest among our clients. Sustainability and energy efficiency come into greater focus in all areas of production.

2013: Secure protection for sensitive electronics

The Proteco product group offering selective conformal coating arrive on the market, setting high standards for module coating.

2014: Energy efficiency from start to finish

Rehm successfully establishes the VisionXP convection soldering system in the international market, thus responding to the trend towards sustainability in the production process that had long been prevalent in the electronics industry. The ‘Energy Wizard’ offers many impressive options that include savings of up to 20% in energy and an average of 10 tonnes less CO2 emissions per year. The subject of vacuum soldering arouses considerable interest.

2015: Innovative R2R technology

Rehm Thermal Systems has developed a new system for optimal processing of band-shaped, flexible substrates (e.g. polyimide film) using its reel-to-reel method, the innovative technology for which is has been distinguished with the "Productronica Innovation Award 2015" in the SMT cluster. The jury was particularly impressed by the moveable process chamber, designed and patented by Rehm, which enables continuous heat transfer during production.

2016: Reliable electronics despite heat and cold

Electronic components in safety-relevant applications such as medical, automotive and aerospace technology must function 100 % reliably under all temperature conditions. To analyse the reliability of electronics under extreme temperatures, Rehm Thermal Systems has developed a completely new series: Securo Plus for hot function tests and Securo Minus for cold function tests. The systems can simulate precisely these extreme environmental conditions by selectively heating or cooling the component.

2017: 10 years in China

Johannes Rehm establishes a stable industrial focus for the Asian market with the Rehm Thermal Systems Dongguan Ltd. manufacturing base. 2007 saw the opening of the site in Dongguan in China where soldering systems, such as the VisionXS and other thermal system solutions, are manufactured. There is also an in-house metal plate processing facility alongside the manufacturing plant.

2018: ViCON smart system software

The new system software ViCON combines tried-and-tested Rehm software tools, such as convenient product management and process interlocking, with new possibilities in the area of mobile applications to create the ViCON App and ViCON Connect with appealing design features and intuitive touch operation.

2019: New building in Blaubeuren

Sustained demand and positive future prospects make it possible for Rehm Thermal Systems to further expand its headquarters and invest in a new building: this provides more space for both employees and innovation and thus forms the ideal basis for continued growth.

2020: 30 years of Rehm

Rehm Thermal Systems celebrates 30 years since its founding!

Community involvement


To be able to master the challenges of tomorrow, a person needs to be fit, in every sense. For a number of years now, Rehm has supported various sports and health projects through financial donations and donations in kind as part of the “FutureSport” project run throughout Germany.

Mentoring and education partnership

Since 2007 we have been involved in a mentoring project with the Karl-Spohn-Realschule school in the Gerhausen district of Blaubeuren and we have had an education partnership with the Blautopfschule Blaubeuren school since the start of 2018.

Karopack® – clever packaging

To ensure that our equipment and spare parts reach our customers safely and without any damage, we use the safe and particularly sustainable Karopack® system with optimum padding. This system uses old cardboard boxes as filling material.