Experience the soldering process live in person with Rehm

How can the ideal temperature profiles be created? Which technology is best for avoiding voids in soldered joints?
Rehm can answer these questions.

In autumn 2013, a 460 m2 high-tech applications and demonstration centre was opened at the company’s headquarters in Blaubeuren. Here customers can test modules in direct application of vacuum, condensation and convection soldering processes, create individual temperature profiles and, aided by our applications specialists, define the optimal parameters for production processes. Additionally, the Technology Centre is fitted with a complete state-of-the-art SMT production line, from the paste printer and placement machine to the reflow soldering system. A complete coating line rounds out the portfolio in the field of conformal coating. The Technology Centre also features extensive equipment for module testing and for the analysis of test results.

We have received support from a number of reputable companies in the industry in order to make this portfolio possible. We would like to thank these companies sincerely for their involvement.

You are welcome to contact us at applikation@rehm-group.com to arrange an appointment to visit the Technology Centre and experience the soldering process live.

Process consulting

Our international service network enables us to offer customers extensive technical knowledge and support on-site all over the world. We offer consulting that includes not only system-related information and the fine details of the processes, but also economic factors related to the topic of “total cost of ownership”. Our teams at our application centres in Germany, the USA, Mexico and China can help you determine the optimal parameters for the entire process chain.

You can thus integrate your systems seamlessly into any production environment.

Why not experience the soldering process live in the Technology Centre at our Blaubeuren headquarters? We can determine the right system for your module. Convection or condensation, with or without vacuum... we allow you to try out all the methods and processes for yourself. We are the only company in the industry to offer this opportunity! You are welcome to send us your modules ahead of your visit or have our experts visit your production line to provide advice.


Technology Center