Our worldwide service supports you all the time, anywhere.

The quality levels of Rehm systems are of the highest order. We aim to maintain this high level in our service activities as well. From Georgia via Príbor to Szendehely – and from Dongguan to Guadalajara – we are there to help for all questions related to sales and service. Anywhere in the world!

The contact persons of the different service locations can be found here.

There for you round the clock

Need special advice on our systems, something fitted or a spare part?

Our technical experts will help you with maintaining your system on site. Our service centre is staffed from Monday to Friday. But in an emergency, a phone call is enough. Our service hotline has specialists available round the clock who, when required, can be there for you in less than 24 hours.

Spare parts service

When you have Rehm as a partner you are automatically included in our global service network.

Together with our sales and distribution networks we hold an extensive range of spare parts. The exact part you need is therefore ready for you - and with minimal delay. Each of our branches is staffed by qualified and trained personnel who will take care of your needs locally.

Please send orders for spare parts to


Rapid response times

Rehm’s quality is reflected in more than just the construction of our plant.

We deliver the best of service to our clients from the moment the order is received, during the manufacture of the system and then as support for the machines throughout their service life. We remain in close contact with our clients and suppliers after the sale and make every effort to keep our response times short. We respect delivery deadlines, installations and service inspections as fixed. And we are also available at any time for questions about applications - ensuring that your production runs smoothly and that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your equipment.

After Sales Service – Our responsibility does not end with the sale.

We support you throughout the entire useful life of your machines, providing extensive consulting and service via our after-sales management. We take care not only of all questions related to customer support and the warranty but also collect, through exchange of experience, suggestions from clients that can then be drawn into subsequent developments and system optimisations.


We support you during commissioning of your new Rehm system and in the system application by installing the machine on site, fine-tuning the processes and matching them exactly to your product. The result: problem-free running and minimal down times. Our service technicians are also there worldwide – to ensure a long working life for your equipment. They tailor the regular inspections of your equipment to suit the needs of your production process e.g. with individual service contracts.

Optimisation of operating costs

We further support you with regard to economic factors, informing you about energy and resource management issues and the total cost of ownership. An effective heat recovery system, for example, allows you to harness the waste heat of the production system to provide heating for your premises, cooling regulation or supplementary heating. This saves you costs and is good for the environment. We will be happy to give other tips on energy-efficient production using our systems. 


Would you like to add new features or functions to your existing systems?

We can provide regular modernisation works and retrofits to your existing reflow soldering system. This brings your system up to the current state of the art, be this by adding new mechanical solutions or software tools or by replacing electrical and control elements.



Mo. – Thur.:    7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Friday:            7:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Spare part service

Germany:        +49 7344 96 06-511
China:              +86 769 8328 0260