Fundamentals of Reflow Soldering

With the technology manuals, Rehm Thermal Systems aims to familiarise developers, designers and manufacturers of electronic assemblies with the complexity of the reflow soldering process and the interaction of the materials involved.

The five volumes of the manuals on the subject of "Fundamentals of Reflow Soldering" with the contents "Material Fundamentals of Soldering Technology", "Reflow Soldering Processes", "Reliability and Fault Management", "Consequences of Continuing Miniaturisation" as well as the new volume "Possibilities and Limits of Analytics at Solder Joints" can also be ordered by emailing Volumes 1 to 4 cost 48€ each, the 5th volume 58€.

For trying out the quality cost models from chapter 5/volume 5 and for checking the sample calculations (chapter 5.6), the Microsoft Excel® worksheet "QuKoMod_V1_7_Int.xlsm" and a brief description of the models as a pdf file are available for download here in the zip archive "" (file size 443,903 bytes, file date 01.02.2019).

Technology handbooks
Part 1 to 5 briefly presented

Volume 1

The first technology handbook was published in 01/2003. Since the publication of the first edition, not only has the equipment technology developed further, but also one of the largest material changes in the history of electronics technologies has taken place due to the RoHS substance ban. With the second revised edition, we aim to provide readers with more comprehensive knowledge on the technology and engineering of soft soldering at today's level.

Volume 2

This second part of the technology handbooks deals with the methods of reflow soldering. Essentially, the techniques of convection soldering are compared with those of condensation soldering. Part of this book is devoted to reflow profiles and discusses what effects they have on the soldering process and its result.

Volume 3

This third part of the Fundamentals of Reflow Soldering deals with the reliability of soft solder joints and discusses the causes of various soldering defects and ways to avoid them.

Volume 4

Our fourth book on reflow soldering technology provides the reader with proven knowledge and the latest findings on current technology topics, such as bottom termination components, voiding and migration. So let Günter Grossmann, Christoph Hippin, Helmut Öttl, Heinz Wohlrabe, Martin Oppermann and Bernhard Lange accompany you a little way through the SMT jungle.

Volume 5

In a brilliantly simple manner, Günter Grossmann, Martin Oppermann and Helmut Öttl explain in the 5th volume "Possibilities and Limits of Analytics at Solder Joints" of the Rehm book series "Reflow Technology - Fundamentals of Reflow Soldering", many of the analytical methods and techniques used today in the manufacture of electronic products.