Safety, line integration and best coating results

Moisture, corrosion, chemicals, dust or vibrations: Electronic components need to be protected against various environmental influences, which can sometimes be aggressive. The coating of the circuit boards after soldering plays an important role here, as the circuit board protects against exactly this kind of environmental influence while ensuring the functionality of the assembly. Having introduced the compact ProtectoXC dispensing and coating system, Rehm Thermal Systems now has a system in its portfolio that meets the requirements of modern, networked and future-oriented electronics manufacturing. New features and mechanical optimisations also enable the ProtectoXC to be integrated easily in coating concepts.

When refining the ProtectoXC, the focus was not only on the actual coating process but also aspects of machine safety and especially operator safety. To be able to meet the increasing safety requirements in this area, all dosing cells by Rehm Thermal Systems are supplied with a safety PLC. This allows the number of electrical components which are installed to be reduced significantly. There is no longer any need for complicated electrical connections from partly redundant circuits, as they can be switched directly via the safety PLC yet still attain the required safety performance level. Not only does this reduce the probability of failure in the installed electrical components, it also enables complex circuits to be programmed with relative ease directly on the PLC.

Line integration of the ProtectoXC and RDS UV dryer
Having achieved a thoroughly positive response in practice, the option of retrofitting an underfloor return conveyor will also be possible with the ProtectoXC in future. This will allow easy integration into the line concepts offered by Rehm Thermal Systems with handling and drying systems. As such, the ProtectoXC can be integrated in a single line with the RDS UV dryer, for example, which has been specially designed for hardening UV coatings and adhesives with very short cycle times. In order to achieve increased cycle times, the RDS UV dryer has been optimised with a three-part transport system. This means that two assemblies can be processed in the furnace at the same time, while the 100% traceability of any circuit board continues to be guaranteed. The dryer also features 4-compartment technology, thereby ensuring that harmful UV radiation can never escape.