Reliable processes with and without vacuum

In condensation reflow soldering with the CondensoX-Series, soldering is accomplished with the aid of a hot vapour as well as the medium Galden®. Since the heat transfer in condensation soldering is up to ten times higher than with convection soldering it is particularly suitable for handling large or high-mass boards. The use of a patented injection process and the flexible adjustment of temperatures and pressure allows the soldering procedure to be individually regulated. With the new CondensoXC Rehm increases its product range with a powerful system for laboratory applications, small lot sizes and prototyping.

An optional vacuum module ensures void-free soldering with all models of the CondensoXC – Series.

Unique technology benefits

  • Injection principle (repeatable control of the reflow profile)
  • Hermetically sealed process chamber
  • Controllable vacuum process – pre-vacuum and vacuum after soldering possible
  • Manual loading from frontside
  • No Galden® loss, active Galden® filtering
  • Optional process monitoring (traceability) with the wireless WPS system



A patented principle for reliable and voidfree solder joints

The Condenso technology opens up much greater flexibility in the condensation soldering process
than is achievable through conventional methods. A more precise and wider range of reflow profiling
is made possible by using the injection technique and controlling both temperature and pressure

During condensation soldering, also known as vapour phase soldering, the latent heat released through the change of state from vapour to liquid is used to heat a component. The temperature always remains constant as the heat transfer fluid changes state (state transition). Through releasing heat during condensation, the vapour enables highly effective heat transfer to the solder. Furthermore, the maximum solder temperature is limited by the heat transfer fluid’s boiling point (Galden®), therefore preventing components from being damaged through overheating.

Our CondensoX-Series can solder even the most difficult assemblies quickly and dependably, at temperatures up to 260 °C. In order to improve control of the condensation phase, Rehm has developed a patented injection process that allows the soldering procedure to be individually regulated. The soldering process takes place in an enclosed process chamber. A vacuum module ensures void-free soldered joints – directly after the melting of the solder alloy or as a pre-vacuum. Our systems let you adjust all parameters, such as pressure or temperature, flexibly – for the best soldering results that exactly match the requirements of your manufacturing.

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