Clever system engineering: efficient and sustainable

The CondensoXC is a space-saving, powerful system for laboratory applications, small series production and prototyping. Exact profiling by means of the injection principle and the option of soldering under an inert atmosphere provides optimum soldering results. Void-free soldering can also be carried out easily with the vacuum option, which increases the reliability of assemblies significantly. With a footprint of just 2.3m², this system is specially designed for small series and is also ideal for prototype production. As a batch system, it can be used flexibly, irrespective of the production environment.

CondensoXC loading concept

  1. Loading
  2. Soldering/Vacuum
  3. Cooling
  4. Unloading



Manual front loading

The CondensoXC is manually loaded with pre-assembled product carriers from the front on the operator’s side. In this way, the assemblies can be easily placed on and removed from the interchangeable product carriers. The product carrier is on a rail system to ensure full access to the working area. Assemblies up to 500 x 540mm (W x L) can be placed on the product carriers.

Gentle cooling

After the soldering process, the assembly is cooled to the desired temperature using convection. The bulkhead of the cooling zone is then opened automatically, and the product carrier can be withdrawn on a rail for easy unloading.