A perfect fit for your manufacturing environment

The convection soldering systems in the Vision series are available in different lengths and with different transport options. This modular system concept provides a huge amount of flexibility in the production process. Thanks to the flexible transport system, the VisionXS can be set up on an individual basis in accordance with the requirements in terms of the transport tracks and the transport speed. The integrated cold condensation option guarantees you simple cleaning and maintenance of the system thanks to the ease of changing the cooling filter on the reverse side of the system. The maintenance of the system is made even more user-friendly thanks to the use of sustainable materials and durable components. With the Power Cooling Unit, the assemblies can be cooled in a manner that is as gentle as possible in a multistage cooling process in a stable atmosphere.

Extended cooling line

In particular for large, high-mass or sensitive assemblies, standard cooling capacity is sometimes not sufficient for complying with the required cooling gradients. You need a controllable cooling system that meets the requirements here. In addition to our tried-and-tested standard cooling line, we can extend cooling zones or add additional underside cooling.

Quick Exhaust

With quick exhaust, the process atmosphere is extracted in a very short period of time in order to achieve the desired temperature change. The process gas is extracted using the in-house extraction system in the cooling line. The quick exhaust is activated automatically when a programme change to a colder profile takes place. When the temperature is in the tolerance zone specified by the programme, the quick exhaust is automatically deactivated. In the case of a soldering process in a nitrogen atmosphere, the desired residual oxygen value must then be reset by adding nitrogen.

Residue Management

As with all industrial processes, SMT manufacturing creates substances which have to be removed from the process cycle: substances (residues) like soldering fumes, soldering smoke or other organic compounds are released from the solder paste, circuit board or the components. Our effective residue management system cleans the process gas thoroughly and reliably and keeps your system clean. This ensures top soldering quality, minimal downtimes and a long service life for your system.