Energy-efficient system facilitates low-maintenance manufacturing

The VisionXP+ is our "best in class" reflow convection soldering system, which is clearly in line with the trend towards the sustainable management of resources. With a particular focus on energy efficiency, reducing emissions and operating costs, EC motors were integrated into the VisionXP+ and these enable you to save on energy in a provable manner. The option of carrying out vacuum soldering enables you to create a time-efficient and stable production procedure, as well as to reduce voids, in order to ensure low-maintenance manufacturing. With the VisionXP+, you have various options available to you for gentle cooling, including underside cooling. With this, especially high-mass boards in particular can be cooled easily.

Vacuum chamber

With the VisionXP+. we offer innovative solutions for reflow soldering. In just one process, a vacuum module enables convection soldering processes to be carried out with a vacuum. This reliably removes pores, gas occlusions and voids immediately after the soldering process whilst the solder is still in its optimal molten state. Complex processing of the assembly via an external vacuum system is no longer necessary and the workpieces are moved straight into the vacuum process from the peak zones.

Rehm CoolFlow

In cooperation with Air Liquide, we developed an innovative cooling principle for more efficient use of the nitrogen required for inertisation and built the first reflow soldering system without any cooling water with a nitrogen cooling system. The cryogenic liquid nitrogen (as cold as –196°C) provides its cooling properties inside the system’s cooling zone, evaporates and can then be used for inertisation in its gaseous state. This means that the system is provided both with the required cooling properties and the inert atmosphere. The cooling water, which previously required high energy use for cooling, including cooling unit and refrigerant, is completely eliminated.


During the soldering process, substances that are released from circuit boards, solder paste or components must be filtered out of the process gas. This is why the VisionXP+ has a residue management system which recycles and cleans the process gas in the system. It combines the effect mechanisms of pyrolysis in the preheating and peak range with cold condensation in the cooling zone. The pyrolysis is set up so that it only needs to be cleaned once a year, which results in long maintenance cycles, as well as a clean and dry process chamber.


In comparison with the SSP, the SSP+ is characterised by a further setting option at high temperature differences between the individual heating zones. Since from a zone with a high temperature, this temperature is transferred to the neighbouring zone, it may be necessary to actively cool this zone on an ongoing basis in order to ensure the right temperature profile. The in-house extraction system permanently draws in the colder surrounding air and thus ensures precise temperature resistance in the respective zone. The heat which is transferred from neighbouring zones is reduced drastically like this, which ensures optimum zone division.