Optimum drying process with minimum space requirement

The Alteco vertical dryer from Rehm not only offers the best drying and curing processes, but is also extremely compact and space-saving thanks to its design. Through vertical transport, the Alteco replaces a comparable 40-metre long horizontal furnace with a system length of just 4 metres. Save valuable space in your production hall with this innovative system concept. The heating system carries out a stable, reproducible process in the process towers. It operates on an air recirculation basis according to the convection principle and this enables the temperature to be regulated separately in all 8 heating zones. A specially developed air duct guarantees uniform heating of all components. The incoming air can be pre-warmed and each heating zone can be pre-set individually in the flow rate. This guarantees total reproducibility of the temperature profiles and thus of the drying process.

Cooling stage

Alteco’s downstream cooling section ensures the best assembly cooling. It consists of three transport segments, which are automatically adapted to the respective transport width. Cooled air is blown onto the assembly from above and below in each segment. The waste heat is transferred from the internal to the external water circuit via a heat exchanger and thus removed from the production room in an energy-saving way.

Flexible loading options

Alteco with automatic product carrier adjustment allows simultaneous drying of two different painted boards within a single system. Different sizes, e.g. from two paint lines, can be conveyed to the oven in no particular order. The product carrier width is automatically set to the width of the product. This means that several production lines with different products can be covered by one vertical stove.

Easy maintenance

The Alteco is very accessible with low maintenance costs. The system casing and the process tower doors can be opened. The electronic control cabinet on the reverse side of the system with EMC-compliant, clear structure and separate power and performance part is readily accessible. The heat exchangers in the cooling zones can be replaced in a fast and simple manner.

Smart software for your manufacturing

The Visu operating software of the Alteco has an intuitive touch interface, which considerably reduces configuration and operator training costs. All the relevant parameters are visible at a glance on the main screen with its machine view. Using corresponding tools you can document the drying process by product and integrate this into your traceability programme. Extensive documentation can be retrieved in just a few clicks. It also offers password-protected administration with several levels, language selection, data display and maintenance logs.