Hardening of coated printed circuit boards – vertically with minimal space required

Air bags in cars can save lives, headlights ensure a safe trip day and night, the on-board computer and the sensor system in a plane determine reliable measurement figures for flight guidance even at an altitude of 10,000 metres and a simple traffic light switching system regulates traffic in all weathers. Behind each of these functions lie highly complex electronic sub-assemblies and connections.

In order to ensure the reliability of these sensitive electronic sub-assemblies even in difficult environmental conditions, a coat of paint is applied to the printed circuit board and then dried in a special drying system. The coating protects the electronics from damage due to corrosion or other environmental influences such as moisture, chemicals and dust. It increases the lifetime and quality of the product many times over. Alternatively, complete sub-assemblies are cast and encapsulated.

For this area of application, Rehm Thermal Systems provides innovative drying and hardening procedures that meet every requirement. The latest development is a vertical drying system which offers maximum performance with minimal space required. All industries which implement painting processes and process sensitive sub-assemblies with a protective paint coating can benefit from this system.


Unique technology advantages

  • Saves space through vertical transport principle
  • Targeted air feed in the heating zones for reproducible temperature profiles
  • Pre-heated supply air; the volume flow can be set for each heating zone
  • Minimal heat emission due to outstanding insulation
  • The waste air volume can be adjusted depending on the heating zone
  • Downstream, segmented cooling tract
  • No thermal stress on the system mechanics due to external drive technology
  • Optimum accessibility of the system technology and easy maintenanceit