A new world of drying processes

The new RDS magazine dryer by Rehm is an optimum system with inert gas operating for tempering power modules. The system can achieve temperatures of up to 300°C and residual oxygen values of less than 5000ppm O2 and is impressive thanks to its innovative air lock technology and good thermal insulation, which ensures stable height profiles during the process. The RDS magazine dryer is particularly well suited for the thermal treatment of semicon applications, hybrid constructions and electronic assemblies which are transported in magazines. This includes, for example, electronic components in wind turbines, electric cars or inverters in the field of solar energy.

N2 tunnel

The system consists of an air lock zone at the infeed and outfeed, four heating zones and one cooling zone. In order to achieve an atmosphere with a low oxygen percentage, air locks are required at the possible magazines. Transport divided up into three parts at the infeed and outfeed ensures that the bulkheads can open and close independently. This is how an inert process chamber is ensured in each loading situation. Air lock technology is used to guarantee a low residual oxygen value in the N2 tunnel. Bulkheads are used to prevent the passage of air.


The magazines are converted into the air lock zones with so-called lifting transport. During loading, the transport unit lowers below the level of the chamber transport using the hoist motor and unloads the magazine onto it at the same time. The unloading of the magazine works using the reverse principle. The prototype of the new magazine dryer features manual loading and unloading. The system is designed so that input via a handling system is possible if required. Thanks to the flexible transport, a low throughput is ensured for prototype manufacturing, as well as a high throughput for the subsequent regular use.

Bulkhead and insulation

Thanks to the process chamber insulation, which is 80mm thick, and the bulkhead, very good thermal separation of the process chamber and the environment is achieved. The exchange of cold and warm gas flows can be prevented so effectively that this also leads to lower electrical power consumption.

Smart software for your manufacturing

The Visu operating software of the RDS magazine dryer has an intuitive touch interface, which considerably reduces configuration and operator training costs. All the relevant parameters are visible at a glance on the main screen with its machine view. Using corresponding tools you can document the drying process by product and integrate this into your traceability programme. Extensive documentation can be retrieved in just a few clicks. It also offers password-protected administration with several levels, language selection, data display and maintenance logs.