Interesting solutions for prototyping and small production runs

At our Technology Center you can work with our technical experts to optimise your own production process for the long term. We first test your modules on a variety of systems and equipment. We can obtain the advantages and disadvantages of each of vacuum, condensation and convection soldering processes with precision for the product to be manufactured and so determine the best process to be used. We can even create the correct profile for new types of module with different characteristics of mass, shape or material. Even the building of prototypes or small runs is possible without difficulty in our Technology Centre using the latest equipment from Rehm and our partners.

Partners share in everything. Above all, success!

From the template through the solder paste printer to the placement machine and the soldering system, all components of the electronics manufacturing process play an important role in achieving best results. We can master the challenges together. We have therefore worked for many years with other experienced and competent companies in the industry that share their strengths with us. At this point we therefore sincerely thank our partner companies who have provided us with extensive testing equipment for the complete production line demonstrations in our Technology Center and who support us at trade fairs, events, seminars and technology days with talks and technical know-how.



Templates for solder paste printing, Harald Grumm, Head of Applications, Christian Koenen GmbH.

Uwe Schäfer, Applications Manager for Ekra, demonstrating the solder paste printer at the Rehm Technology Center.

SIPLACE Sales Manager Jörg Grote is an expert when it comes to precision placement strategies.

Efficient equipment cleaning: Bert Schopmans, Head of Sales, Kolb Cleaning Technology.

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