Precise protection for complex assemblies

The best coating solutions, reliable drying processes - and a wide range of possible applications. The Protecto systems from Rehm Thermal Systems are also convincing outside of conformal coating. For example, both the Protecto XP and the Protecto XC are equipped with four or three multifunctional applicators that can be used simultaneously. The advantages for our customers: The right tool even for individual applications and processes - and the best possible results throughout.


The Protecto enables 3D applications to be built up using a UV-curing material that can be cured directly with the aid of a suitable UV spot.

Dam & fill

Dam & Fill" uses two materials with different viscosities. First, a dam is placed around the component to be protected using a highly viscous material. If a UV-curing material is used, it can be cured directly with the aid of a suitable UV spot. The component can then be potted in the same operation using a low-viscosity material.



In this process, a 1K or 2K (only XP) material is applied to a component such that a continuous and uniform sealing loop is produced. Volumetric applicators are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Glob Top

A Glob Top is used to protect a selective area on the circuit board. For this purpose, a material is used which, on the one hand, is fluid enough to securely encapsulate all the components involved, but on the other hand, is not so low in viscosity that it flows onto adjacent components.


Flip Chip Underfill

Underfills increase the mechanical stability between the chip and the circuit board and distribute locally occurring voltages over a larger area, which significantly increases the service life. For this purpose, a low-viscosity material is applied along the edge region of the chip, which then independently fills the gap between the chip and the circuit board using the capillary effect.

2K Encapsulation

Encapsulation is always used when a particularly high level of protection is needed. Thanks to the volumetric applicators, it is ensured that exactly the same amount of material is always supplied in the correct mixing ratio, independent of temperature and pressure fluctuations.

Heat dissipation

Due to the constant miniaturisation in electronics, less and less surface is available for heat dissipation. This makes it all the more important to have an optimal passage between the heat sink and the component. Liquid heat-transfer media can be adapted to the individual contours better than fixed pads or foils and ensure a safe heat dissipation, which significantly increases the service life of the components.

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