Ideal system and a compact design

The compactness of the VisionXC, which brings together all important technological features in a tiny space, is impressive. The VisionXC is therefore the ideal system for small and medium production batches, in the lab or for demo lines. The tailored transport system provides you with flexible manufacturing, even with a low throughput or small batch sizes. Thanks to the integrated closed loop principle, the VisionXC works in an energy-efficient and sustainable manner despite its small footprint because a closed cycle of the atmosphere used is guaranteed. However, not only the convection soldering system itself is impressive as a result of its reliability: our service employees all over the world are by your side as expert contact partners.


The cooling line of the VisionXC is designed in 2 to 4 stages depending on the system type. You can regulate them precisely with optional, separately adjustable fans in the individual zones and to influence the cooling gradient accordingly. This provides your assemblies with no-stress cooling to under 50°C, even with unleaded soldering. We provide tailored solutions for your product and create optimum conditions for flexible manufacturing.

Heating zones

All the heating zones in the VisionXC can be controlled individually and can be thermally separated from one another, which ensures flexible profile management and a stable reflow process. The heat transfer of the VisionXC has been significantly optimised thanks to the use of multiple peak zones. The short distance between the nozzle fields and the transport surface, as well as the flow velocity of the upper and lower heating zones, which can be regulated separately, ensure uniform heating in the component modules.

Cold condensation

Liquid residues condense on the cooling line filter units and are removed via these. The system is easy to clean. The filters can be replaced on the reverse side of the system using the replacement set. You don’t even need to open the process chamber at all to do this. Depending on the system length and design, the cold condensation has two to four stages.