Maximum throughput for vapor phase soldering

The throughput of today’s vapor phase soldering systems is limited due to their process chambers. For various reasons, the vapor phase soldering process cannot be carried out using a continuous process only: on the one hand, the medium must not be displaced (due to consumption costs, safety etc.). On the other hand, the soldering procedure requires the process to be discontinuous. The advantage of…

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Rehm CoolFlow: New, integrated solution for efficient use of nitrogen with the CoolFlow option

For an optimal reflow soldering result, not only is melting of the solder important but also as a stable and reliable cooling process. This soldering process can be designed flexibly with the VisionXP+ convection soldering system from Rehm Thermal Systems. With Rehm CoolFlow, Rehm offers an innovative and integrated cooling principle using liquid nitrogen – there is also a standard cooling option…

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Technology Days postponed

The Rehm company has started into its 30th anniversary and had already planned and announced a corresponding anniversary event with 2-day Technology Days on 7 and 8 October 2020.

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Research for the next generation of batteries

Electric mobility is both an opportunity and a challenge for plant and mechanical engineering, for research and development, for the electronics industry, and for many other sectors. Rehm Thermal Systems is taking on this challenge: With the ARTEMYS research project, Rehm is working together with research institutes and industrial partners to develop materials and production technologies for solid…

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