Endless opportunities with the RDS Drying System

The range of RDS Drying Systems covers applications from a wide range of sectors: hardening of adhesives and coatings, applications in the semiconductor industry and drying of protective coatings for electronic assemblies. The systems are configured to individual customer requirements. The flexibility of the systems offers sufficient scope to cover applications from a wide range of different sectors.

Our RDS Drying Systems are used predominantly for drying and hardening coatings and adhesives. You can increase the reliability and service life of your products by using a protective coating. The protective coating increases the creep resistance of your assemblies and protects against corrosion (e-corrosion and migration). A protective coating provides chemical protection for your assemblies (e.g. against environmental influences). Sealants are also used to reduce mechanical stress e.g. vibrations on your assemblies.

Unique technology advantages

  • Combined heating methods for flexible profiles
  • Reliable, robust hardening and drying
  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • IR or UV radiation and/or convection
  • Simple profiling capability
  • Traceability of processes
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Compatible with the conformal coating line concept, consisting of Protecto-dispenser and RDS coating dryer.

Optimum process performance for every application

Depending on requirements, protective coatings, thick layer coatings or sealants can be used for protection to ensure maximum quality of electronic assemblies. They protect your finished assemblies against environmental influences such as pollution or corrosion and help to avoid malfunctions or outages, even under harsh operating conditions.The exceptional process performance of our RDS drying systems allows flexible integration into a wide range of processes. The systems are suitable for drying all conventional protective coatings for printed circuit boards and complete units.

  • polyurethane resins
  • acrylic resins
  • epoxy resins
  • acrylate
  • silicone compounds

However, our RDS Drying Systems can be used for more than just drying and hardening adhesives and coatings: they are also used successfully in the semiconductor sector of the semiconductor industry and in the conformal coating process.